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Is WDC driven by cash and not community interests?

In the South East Plan Core Strategy (2013 ten year plan) East Hoathly had no allocation of extra houses.
In 2015, an allocation of 190 was made whilst acknowledging that this would be a problematic 50% growth.
In a new South East Plan currently being processed (based on the Government’s accelerated building plan to meet OAHN-Objectively Assessed Housing Need), Wealden District Council (WDC) is seeking offers from Landowners to bring the total number of houses to well over 190. Currently, land which could accommodate a further 371 homes has been put forward by landowners leading to the strong likelihood of this being doubled as new offers are made. A lot of this is existing studland (An acre of Agricultural Land worth £10,000 rises to £1000,000 once Planning Permission is granted).
In one development scenario, WDC has earmarked East Hoathly as a new town with an allocation of 5000 houses!
Wealden’s Local Plan (where you will find their six development scenarios) is driven by:
Publication of plan: Christmas 2016
Submissions for comment: April/May 2017
Local plans finalised and voted on: 2018
Adopted: 2018

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