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A letter to Nus Ghani, MP

As you are aware there are several concerns about the proposed development in East Hoathly.

I quote from an E mail you sent to a villager.

“ The Wealden Local Plan will look to provide housing in a way that maintains the character of villages  and towns and where key decisions are taken locally”

I also quote from the meetins of the Wealden Local Plan Sub Committee Aril 20th 2016

Ann Newton Chair ” Given the significant number of houses we are being required to build it is important that infrastructure is delivered with the housing.”

I presume she means required by the Government.

Bob Standly Vice Chair “We need to ensure the process is plan led and not developer lead”.

These are fine words but very different from what is happening on the ground.

We had a consultation with Parker Dann on August 12th re proposed 211 houses on Hesmonds Stud.

A 50% increase in houses in the village.

The consultation was ill prepared and profoundly worrying in the response from Parker Dann. . Parker Dann oozed confidence that their application would be approved by Wealden District Council, their agent saying it did not matter if there were a 1000 objections and a Planning Officer had already approved it. I list my concerns reported back to me by villagers  below.

1) Four Representatives, no name plates. A case of find the agent for the many people who attended despite the meeting being held  in the holiday season.

2) No introductory talk

3) A few boards with some CAD designs showing no sensitivity to the rural environment.

4) An architect who was unaware that the village has no natural gas supply.

5) No plans in place for Sewage treatment. A major issue already for the village infrastructure

6) Waste Water dealt with by Attenuation ponds. Responibility for these could be for residents in perpetuity.

7) When asked where the new residents of 211 houses would work the facetious response by the agent was “ The Village hairdressers.“ The same agent said development could go ahead in East Hoathly instead of other villages because it had a Hairdressers.

Villagers came away from this consultation feeling there was no hope, the developers had it all sown up.

It will go ahead regardless of all the infrastructure problems and our views unless you and WDC get together and address the problems of why we are in this situation. It goes against ever thing you are both saying . Stop passing the buck between you. Already many inappropriate applications in Wealden have gone through for fear of expensive appeals not Planning Grounds.

I again quote from the meeting of local Plan meeting  April 26th

Cllr Ann Newton has been given a mandate to “robustly raise”a number of concerns with the Secretary of State Greg Clark. These include  the significant amount of additional houses Wealden is expected to deliver , how the infrastructure will be funded and the way the current rules leave the Council vunerable to speculative development .

I realise Greg   Clark had now been replaced by Sajid Javid as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

As far as I know no meeting has taken place. You, as our elected representative in Parliament could hasten this meeting.

Your constituency Wealden is at the mercy of speculative developers. It is your responsibility to do something about it.

It would be very helpful if you could visit our village to fully understand the problems for the village these changes will bring. There are already plans for yet another 200 houses in the pipe line. This is an important issue and cannot be passed back to Wealden.

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