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The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly

Grist to the Mill

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

14022017 Council wins fight to stop new housing development in Yetminster 14th Feb 2017 News from Dorset councils

07022017 Housing white paper: Was it worth the wait? Politics Home 7th Feb 2017

07022017 Housing White Paper paves the way for better ancient woodland protection Politics Home 7th Feb 2017

03022017 ‘Do we really need so many new houses‘ – radio4  3rd Feb 2017 at 7.30am

01012017 ‘UK countryside at risk in rush to declare Britain open for business‘ – Guardian 1st Jan 2017

01012017 ‘Tory rural raid will ruin countryside, says Andrew Motion’ – Guardian 1st Dec 2016

31122016 ‘Building in the most scenic parts of Britain‘ (article in The Times)

31122016 ‘Development Hell‘  (article in The Times)

30122016 ‘Making a statement about the countryside‘ John Gummer ‘Country Life’ 30th Nov 2016

“…these homes need to be in town and not slurped over the countryside as many of the house builders want. Sustainable housing means reusing already used land, in well-connected urban centres, close to amenities, shops and jobs.”


16122016 Parish Council Election Results:

Bom 140, Deane 173, French 126, Jones 95, Knill 196, Pope 218, Ritchie 185.
Turn out of 27.8%
Deane, Knill, Ritchie and Pope are elected.
Big thanks to all candidates and congratulations to those elected.

25112016 Parish Council Elections are taking place on Dec 15th. Polling cards will be delivered on Dec 8thList of Candidates.

17112016 Hampshire homes blocked because of ‘gap’ conflict

Communities Secretary dismisses plans for up to 225 homes and a care home on a greenfield site in Hampshire due to environmental and social risks

Neighbourhood plan concerns help sink Hereford and Cheshire housing schemes

Communities Secretary refuses a development in Bartestree for 100 homes and separately a 200 home scheme in Sandbach, both were in conflict with neighbourhood plans…

Here’s a miserable insight into why many resident’s objections to planning applications fail.

For your amusement, an extract from Betjeman’s ‘The Executive’:


I do some mild developing. The sort of place I need
Is a quiet country market town that’s rather run to seed
A luncheon and a drink or two, a little savoir faire –
I fix the Planning Officer, the Town Clerk and the Mayor.

And if some Preservationist attempts to interfere
A ‘dangerous structure’ notice from the Borough Engineer
Will settle any buildings that are standing in our way –
The modern style, sir, with respect, has really come to stay.


BBC Radio 4 – A Point of View – Roger Scruton’s

How Should We Build?


Some great work by CPRE Kent – legal battle over a site in Dover in the

AONB has been successful……



03102016 Sajid Javid attacks ‘nimbyism’ as he calls for 1m new homes

WDC view of East Hoathly in 1998

East Hoathly Conservation Area before the recent chop

East Hoathly Conservation Area after the recent chop

14092016 World at One – Lavenham Housing

15092016 World at One – Lavenham Housing

16092016 World at One – Lavenham Housing

Today’s infrastructure challenges

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

17112016 It’s a tight corner for cars and buses to compete!


27102016 A27 East of Lewes improvement scheme

This consultation is on the £75m allocated a year or two ago for “local improvements”. Highways England do not have anything else in the pipeline for the A27, having kicked out any ideas of dualling as not value for money. Timeline:


26092016 School Report to PC meeting 26th Sept 2016

22092016 Response from UK Power Networks regarding supply interruptions to East Hoathly

21092016 Response from SE Water regarding supply interruptions to East Hoathly

Traffic Survey at East Hoathly Village Corner

This is a regular traffic occurrence in the Village centre.








SWOT Assessment of Wealden 5YLS

Monday, September 12th, 2016

SWOT Assessment of Wealden 5YLS

Communities Secretary refuses outline permission for 400-home dev.

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Javid blocks Newmarket housing development

09092016 Communication from SWOT

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Sept 2016 Communication from SWOT

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

House of Lords Economic Affairs committee releases report on ‘building more homes’


June 2016 Power Point presentation given by the CPRE


What we have done

Friday, September 9th, 2016

March 2017 Please let us know about your use of the Ashdown Forest (e.g. leisure / travelling to work). Complete the survey and return to villageconcerns2016@gmail.com

March 2017 Planning Meetings at WDC Hailsham to propose new Local Plan – see postings

Feb 2017 Meeting with our new Acting Ward Councillor to discuss Hesmonds and Buttsfield Lane applications

Jan 2017 Nus Ghani MP accepts our invitation and visits our village

Dec 2016 Objections to the WDC SA for – Hesmonds Stud

Dec 2016 Village Concerns Surgeries for Hesmond Planning Application

Nov 2016 We have employed the services of a Planning Consultant. Please note funding appeal on this blog.

Nov 2016 Village Concerns member Katherine Gutkind presented our Petitions to the Full Wealden Council Meeting on Wed Nov 23rd. View Webcast.

Nov 2016 Response to letter sent to Nus Ghani MP

Nov 2016 Response to letter sent to Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP

Nov 2016 Press Release 3

26092016 School Report to PC meeting 26th Sept 2016

28092016 Reports from SE Water and UK Power Networks

26092016 Petition Contact List

……….You can always express your views directly to this list of District Councillors and MPs

12092016 Start of Traffic Survey at East Hoathly Village Corner

12092016 Village Concerns raises banner in East Hoathly

11092016 Village Concerns kicks off petitions:

……….1. door to door

……….2. online

09092016 Nus Ghani Hailsham Surgery

03092016 Buxted Health Care

02092016 Nus Ghani Uckfield FM

Sept 2016 Press Release 2

August 2016 Call to Public Consultation

June 2016 Press Release 1


Friday, September 9th, 2016

14th March: revised development boundary for East Hoathly

3rd March 2017 Draft Local Plan: new development boundary for East Hoathly

1/ Hesmond Stud – 211 homes

2/ Bradfords – about 140 homes

3/ Destruction of a village

What you can do

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Village Concerns will seek to take advantage of the knowledge and views of local residents and other stakeholders to try and ensure any development is delivered in a most advantageous way for the villages. .

What emerges as WDC’s( Wealden District Council ) current preferred option is 190 houses for East Hoathly (50% growth) and 30 houses for Halland (23% growth). But beware: right now, Land owners have an opportunity to offer land for development by themselves or to sell on to developers. Vast profits are involved.

Wealden does not yet have a local plan or a 5year land supply so it would be difficult for Wealden to turn down a Planning Application at this stage. The numbers for new houses may grow.

Attached are sites offered in East Hoathly and Halland (coloured in green). They are currently being assessed by WDC and may or not be accepted for development.

What can you do now?

1) If you want to be more proactive in the group E mail villageconcern2016@gmail.com

2) Keep informed and be aware of alternative views. Here is a response on the WLP from CPRE:


Also Attached is the Power Point presentation given by the CPRE

3): Make your opinions known on this unprecedented. over-development to key players in Parish Council, WDC, Government. Note Parish Council are only consultees, not policy makers. This is top down Policy.

See attached useful contacts

4) Log any existing problems with infrastructure. Schools, Doctors, Utilities, Traffic in the villages (Take photos), commuting traffic.

5) Note any wildlife issues

6) Tell other people what is happening. A lot of people are still unaware.

7) Follow the discussions of the Wealden  Local Plan sub committee .


8) Sign the petition “Save East Hoathly from Over Development”


Thank you!