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Objections to the Hesmond and Bradford plans

The following objections to the Hesmond and Bradford plans are guided by some of the reasons given by Sajid Javid in his blocking of the Buckingamshire houses over landscape impact:

1) Both plans fail to comply with the core planning principles of the National Planning Policy Framework to recognise the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside, to conserve and enhance the natural environment and to reuse land that has previously been developed. Both developments are of a scale and nature on a Greenfield site in the open countryside, which would result in the loss of best and most versatile agricultural and stud land. The developments would cause harm by the significant adverse visual and landscape character impact on the area of the development sites and their surrounding valued landscape.

2) From both plans, it is not considered that the developments could take place without having a severe impact on the existing highway network and it has not been proven to promote sustainable transport or conform with the strategic objectives to reduce congestion, inconvenience and hazards on the local highway network and therefore, would fail to accord with the advice contained in the National Planning Policy Framework.

3) The proposed developments do not seek to provide any dedicated employment land and as such, makes little contribution to the job needs of its population or the wider area exacerbating problems of out-commuting. The absence of any employment land in the mix of uses would not help to secure economic growth and weighs against the sustainability credentials of the scheme and would fail to accord with the advice contained in the National Planning Policy.

4) Further observation of both plans questions the provision of 35% affordable housing on site, acceptable levels of education provision, leisure and equipped play provision, community facilities, environmental standards and necessary infrastructure either through on or off site provision or financial contribution.

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