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The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly

The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly

4 Responses to “The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly”

  1. chris Says:

    Reference to Freedom Leisure as an amenity is clear evidence that this was a limited resource desktop exercise with no local or expert knowledge and should be recognised as having no credibility (although WDC may need to be convinced).
    T O’Rourke do however have quite a reputation and their published strategy of Think, Orchestrate, Resolve will IMO need to be countered

  2. Andy Says:

    I would like to comment on “the root of all evil” letter from the Studs solicitors. It reviews the land that they are making available for deveolopment and states that access to land to the East will have to be carefully considered. This sounds like code for “take Lydfords out of the conservation area, demolish it and provide the access required for development”. What do you think?

  3. Christine Says:

    Lydfords has already been taken off the conservation area. This was done when all the land was being put forward for building. Also a small area near the north.

  4. Sandra and Keith Rogers Says:

    Objection to the Hesmond Plan, because of added traffic, schools in the area, again means more school needed and more traffic, Doctors Surgery, will not be able to cope,
    To say nothing of water supply and sewage too, in this small village is a NO.

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