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About ‘Village Concerns’

What is Village Concerns Action Group?

‘Village Concerns’ is an East Hoathly with Halland Parish Action Group. It will monitor new housing proposals for our parish and will seek information to endorse or challenge the plans, so as to ensure that sustainable housing development is upheld in our parish without undue over-development.

Why a Village Concerns Action Group?

Wealden District Council will allow our parish to double in size over the next 5 years. We must not let this happen. We are concerned that housing development in our parish is being led by Developers rather than being considered within the context of a strategic plan that carefully evaluates local needs; the capacity of the infrastructure; and prevents the loss of our distinctive village character and the destruction of our landscape and wildlife.

Who runs Village Concerns Action Group?

The Action Group is independent of the East Hoathly with Halland Parish Council. It was started by a few residents who were deeply worried about the real threat of overdevelopment. A Steering Committee now coordinates its activities and a Constitution sets out the fundamental principles of Village Concerns governance. Villagers have been encouraged to join an email group:


and this village blog has been created:


in order to help disseminate planning information. Posters around the parish are also used to inform those without an internet connection.


Next meeting of the Steering Committee:

Tues 7th March at 7.30pm Kings Head – big room