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WLP Evidence Base Study 2017 Part 1 and 2:East_Hoathly

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017







The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

The wholesale urbanisation of East Hoathly


Friday, September 9th, 2016

14th March: revised development boundary for East Hoathly

3rd March 2017 Draft Local Plan: new development boundary for East Hoathly

1/ Hesmond Stud – 211 homes

2/ Bradfords – about 140 homes

3/ Destruction of a village

The two plans posted around the village are not alternatives.

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Housing development proposals in East Hoathly are being led by Developers rather than being considered within the context of a strategic plan that carefully evaluates local needs and the capacity of the infrastructure.

Unlike neighbouring authorities, WDC is allowing this to happen. WDC will collect the significant Government ’New Homes Bonuses’ (Double Council Tax for 6 years on every house built).

The Hesmonds and Bradford plans would bring about a fundamental change to the character of the landscape and would threaten the identity of the village of East Hoathly. They set a dangerous precedent and encourage further applications for large, developments in our village and rural areas beyond; effectively a Developers’ ‘free for all’ with no strategic framework.

Protecting the Future of East Hoathly Village

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

If you are concerned about the future of East Hoathly village it is vital you attend the meeting below.
The Public Consultation on Plans for 211 houses on Hesmonds Stud Friday August 12th 2016 3pm till 8pm East Hoathly Village Hall
These plans represent over a 50% increase in the number of homes in East Hoathly. The village has already had over 70 new homes in Juzier and Nightingales with no upgrade in infrastructure. More land has been offered to Wealden District Council (WDC) for development in the village. This could just be the start.
– This will have an impact on every part of the village and change the community forever!
A Public Consultation is a precursor to an Outline Planning Application. Villagers must ask as many questions as possible and make their views known at every stage. Be aware that improved infrastructure and development do not go hand in hand.
We are sure everybody has lots of questions of their own but below are a few issues that could be raised regarding the developer’s awareness and intentions. Will they be doing feasibility reports and consulting service providers on any of these matters before plans are taken further?
– Sewage and surface water are already a problem in the village. What systems are going to be put in place for the new development? Be wary of any plans for Package Treatment Plants for Sewage and Attenuation Ponds for waste water, both have caused problems in other areas.
– Traffic Issues. With our very limited public transport service most households will need at least 2 cars to go to work, shop, and take children to school. 400 more cars on the High Street will cause gridlock
– Electricity and Water Supply. We are subject to frequent Power cuts and some interruptions to the water supply.
– Wild Life. Great Crested Newts are in Long Pond. Habitats in hedgerows, green fields and trees will be destroyed.
– Primary School. Classes in the Village school are full. Where will younger children go to school?
– GPs and Surgery. The surgery is now effectively a branch of the Buxted Surgery. The service available in East Hoathly has been drastically cut back. It is almost impossible to get an appointment in the village.
– Heating New Homes. The village has no natural gas supply. What system will be used? If it is oil, that means more tankers and more oil tanks in gardens.
– What is the time scale for this development? Will it be phased over several years?
– What will the developers be offering the village in terms of improved facilities.
At the moment Wealden District Council Planning, by their own admission, is developer led.
The only chance we have to influence matters is to make our voice heard in large numbers.