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East Hoathly Village Concerns Blog » Buttsfield Lane (WD/2016/2268/F)

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Buttsfield Lane (WD/2016/2268/F)

02032017 The planning application is now scheduled to go before Wealden Planning Committee South on March 30th. The delay, we are told, is because of the overwhelming amount of work involved in getting the new Local Plan out by 3rd March.

  • We hope as many people as possible can be there in support with banners etc. A large public presence will help our case.
  • Watch this space for further details – as soon as we get more information from Wealden.

Our Acting Ward Councillor will speak in support of the residents’ objections at that Committee hearing:

‘I would like to refer this application into Committee for the following reasons:

  • I believe that the proposals go against saved Policy EN27 which seeks development that protects the existing character of the area and established residential amenities.  In addition the same applies to saved Policies TR3 and TR16 which seek appropriate parking and access.  EN12 and EN14 seek protection or mitigation for landscaping of the site – neither has been achieved here.
  • This application is totally inappropriate and I believe the Case Officer’s report shows this.  There are doubts all the way through, from the comments on the trees, the footpath, the fact that this unadopted lane has to be widened to accommodate the proposals.  A further comment states that bungalows would be better.
  • Comments are made about our lack of 5 year land supply and the fact that this over-rules everything.  I disagree – this site is fundamentally not suitable for the proposals detailed in the application and is the straw that breaks the camel’s back bearing in mind that there is also an application as yet undetermined for over 200 houses in East Hoathly from the same applicant’.


DEADLINE 27th Jan 2017: The planning application for 2 houses at the top of Buttsfield Lane has been amended (WD/2016/2268/F).

We must object again to this planning application because:

  1. The applicant has no right to tarmac the twitten section of the lane (plate 1 below); it is a private unadopted lane that continues as an unsurfaced public footpath between hedges and trees.
  2. We have an equal right to erect a ‘passing fence’ to block vehicle access into the twitten just as the Stud did some years ago at the end of the twitten (plate 2 below). The Stud presumably did this in the interest of the safety of walkers and children using the public footpath (Weald Way) which crosses the Stud access road.
  3. We don’t want more cars or construction traffic in the lane. The lane surface is already poor, it is a public footpath, there is no separate pavement and it is frequently used by ramblers, dog walker, the elderly for exercise and playing children. The lane is a valued village amenity.
  4. The developer will destroy hedgerows and cut down mature oak trees.
  5. It is clear that this development is for employee housing and links in with the other Hesmond development in Ailies Lane. The Stud does not own the access road that passes through the grounds of Hesmond house, which is in new ownership. It seems very likely that the Stud wants to use Buttsfield Lane as a ‘through–road’ access to the Stud behind Tourles Farm. We must not let this happen; even though the intention is not stated in the planning application their strategy is clear.

If you value this peaceful and beautiful corner of the village then act now. You can post or email objections to Ralph Forder (planning@wealden.gov.uk)


DEADLINE 17th Nov 2016: ‘amended plan(s)’ actually means that 2 reports have been posted by WDC: arboricultural and bats. The house plans have not changed.

In summary they want to cut down an oak tree, remove a laurel bush and remove a hedgerow and the proposed access to the development site will encroach upon the root protection areas of: 3 oak trees and 1 lime tree.

The disturbance of a tree’s root system can result in crown dieback and even death of the tree. Roots are used to support the tree structurally and act as transport for water and nutrients. Direct damage such as root severance can lead to ill health, as can compaction of the soil by construction traffic, heavy plant and storage of materials. Changing the nature of the surface above growing medium, i.e. from porous to non-porous can alter the resources available to the tree, which in turn can lead to its decline.

The hedgerow provides an important habitat for wild life and is part of the landscape of this village amenity used by many ramblers walking the Wealdway and residents of the village, particularly the elderly and parents with young children enjoying a safe walk in this corner of the village.

The WDC website facility to make a comment online has been disabled! The only way to comment is to use the email planning@wealden.gov.uk, quoting WD/2016/2268/F. You have until 17th Nov.

3rd Nov 2016: The Council has recently received amended plan(s) for this application ( WD/2016/2268/F ) which will be available to view on line within the next couple of days. Beware – this tactic is often used by Developers when the first application receives a lot of objections; they hope objectors will take their eye off the ball. WE MUST BE VIGILANT – the next closure date for comments is 17th Nov 2016 – hardly any time at all!

21st Oct 2016: There is overwhelming opposition to this planning application sent in by residents of Buttsfield Lane and the village community to the WDC website. And our Parish Council reflects our views in its report to WDC as a Consultee. Be aware of what we are up against: we know that a contract has already been awarded to a company to do the tarmac extension – before due planning process has even been followed! Such arrogance.


Erection of 2 houses on land at the top of Buttsfield Lane.

The application proposes vehicle access from Buttsfield Lane, i.e. tarmac extension of a private lane over the Wealdway footpath,  requiring destruction of hedgerow and trees in order to get width for vehicles and construction traffic.

2016-10-04-08-24-13 2016-10-04-08-21-302016-10-04-08-21-13

plate 1                                                   plate 2                                                 plate 3

Just imagine construction traffic using Buttsfield Lane! and what right has Hesmond Stud got to extend a private road over the public footpath?

If the houses are to be occupied by Hesmond Stud employees then it makes more sense for vehicle access to be from the existing stud access road; not across a public footpath. This is further reason for rejecting this planning application.

If you value this peaceful and beautiful corner of the village then act now: the opportunity to comment on this application WD/2016/2268/F  expires on 24/10/2016 now extended to 02/11/2016.