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Nus Ghani, MP wants more housing

Nus Ghani, MP says:
‘Wealden needs more people/houses because employers tell her they have a shortage of labour….’

From SWOT:

On the East Sussex in Figures website, I found the following information for Wealden for 2015/16:

Economically active 72,200 people
Unemployed (included within the economically active numbers) 2,700 people
Economically inactive but want a job 5,800 people

Thus, to my way of thinking, there are 8,500 people in Wealden who are either unemployed or don’t have a job but would like one.

This 8,500 people is 23 times greater than the 365 unemployed that Nus infers are available to meet those employers who claim that there is a need for more workers.

It is clear that using the unemployment claimant figure of 365 dramatically underestimates the number of people who are not in employment but are available for work. However, I would accept that a proportion of the 8,500 may be either unsuitable or unavailable for work (e.g. full time family carer or long term sickness).

I consider that the ESiF data does not indicate that there is a serious labour shortage in Wealden.


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