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Air pollution in East Sussex

The UK Government has been ordered by a High Court judge to draw up an improved plan by July next year which must bring air pollution within legal limits.

UK domestic law places a requirement for Local Authorities to try to meet air quality objectives. The European Commission did start legal proceedings against the UK Government in 2014 for failing to meet legal limits which could result in substantial fines. In the same year the UK Government wrote to all Local Authorities to remind them that these fines could be passed down to them through the Localism Act, if it could be proven that they did not do enough to improve the situation.

There’s a budget of up to £75 million to tinker with the A27 (2015-2020). But what about the A22?  Both the A27 and the A22 suffer from congestion, delays and below average journey times with some drivers diverting to unsuitable local roads. Think of the air pollution! Think what further pollution 300 extra cars in East Hoathly will create: we have no local train station; the bus service cannot support commuting to work.

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